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Delivering something great to the world shouldn't be rocket science...but it is science.

Your business delivers valuable insight and great thinking to the world.

But no matter how smart you are, there are real obstacles. What's the best product strategy? How should I be positioning this in the marketplace? Why aren't sales happening?  And the worst part, is that trying to answer all of these things yourself are at the expense of you exercising your craft and delivering your unique value to the marketplace.

In short...that's what we do. We partner with you through a 'paint by numbers' system that takes the mystery out of achieving "Product / Market Fit". Which means, if you follow our model, you'll have a product people want (to buy). No guessing and finger crossing necessary....

Kinda like the scientific method...for bringing products to market.

Validate the Customer

Who (really) needs what you have?

Verify the Problem

How do they talk about it?

Design Their Perfect Solution

What solution do they not have?

Develop a Compelling Offer

Do they understand the value?

Solidify The Marketing

How will they become customers?

Scale Responsibly

It's working! Now how do we grow?

Brett VanTil


Insight Riot was founded by Brett VanTil. He's consulted and developed products for hundreds of speakers, authors, coaches and thought leaders, including Rob Bell, Marcus Buckingham, Erik Wahl, Josh Shipp, Francis Chan, Tim Keller & Matthew Sleeth among others. Products he's worked on have an estimated global reach of over 100,000,000 people worldwide. 

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