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A Performance Based Digital Marketing Model...

Value First Acquisition Strategy

We start with defining how you can provide the most value possible to engage your potential customer. We then map that ( in detail) to an actionable and repeatable model that attracts, educates and pre-qualifies your sites visitors.

Focused Digital Footprint

Based on that strategy, we focus on building a very small (micro) digital footprint that is tied to your most pressing marketing metrics (lead generation, product sales, etc.). We build these 'landing pages' and 'funnels' with years of best practice as our guide and marketing performance as our goal.

Targeted, Qualified Traffic

Using competitive analysis and good old fashioned experience, we identify the traffic channels that best match your audience. Then we relentlessly test and optimize ad campaigns within each platform to scale the most promising ads and quickly cut out those that underperform.

[Customized + Automated] Marketing

Not all leads are created equal so nor should the way you market to them be. Utilizing lead scoring and behavior tracking workflows, we help put laser focused nurturing campaigns that are timely and pertinent to your customers' sales cycle.

Testing & Optimization

At every step of the way we are testing variations against each other (A/B testing). Web page design directions, call to action elements, messaging copy and ad creative variations are all tested against each other to continually search for higher performing funnels.

Report. Analyze. Results.

We capture all that data and produce weekly reports with trending and comparison data to clearly see what's working and what's not.
Farewell ambiguous marketing metrics.
Hello clear and actionable performance data.

A Peek Inside Our Toolbox:

We're not gonna lie...we love ourselves some technology.  These are some of the platforms we use every day to help clients capture more leads, generate more sales and spark more growth.

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